Terrain visit to Cerro Mirador Sector Paposo Norte, located in the Antofagasta region, 65 km north of the town of Paposo. This place is characterized by being an area where coastal mists occur, mostly known as camanchacas ☁, in addition to having a diversity of flora and fauna, many of them endemic species of the place.


Video summary of what was the First Seminar on Heritage and Scientific Tourism Antofagasta- UCN🌎. On this occasion, we have the participation of two important guests:

– Héctor Ardiles: Responsible for the area of historical research and heritage library of the Antofagasta Museum

– Andrea Obaid: Journalist, Director of the Technoscience Program at 13C, Director of the Neurona Group.

Water Fair UCN / CEITSAZA 💧

Video summary of our participation in the Water Fair UCN / CEITSAZA 2019 commenmorting World Water Day💧.  On this occasion, the point of contact with the community was established to showcase their new tourism routes with scientific support 🔍.

International Researcher: Dr. Roland Bol

Impressions of Professor Dr. Roland Bol, International Researcher of Forschungszentrum JÜLICH IBG-3 Germany during his visit to the Universidad Católica del Norte.

ASsociated Company: Antilhue Tours

Antilhue Tours is a tour operator founded in 2016 with the purpose of providing services to cultural tourists and show routes considered important for the commune. They are part of the partner organizations that make up our project.

ASsociated Company: ANTOFANTÁSTICA

Antofantástica is a social entrepreneurship that seeks to develop, encourage and strengthen the sense of belonging of citizens and the identity of the community in Antofagasta. They are part of the partner organizations that make up our project.

field trip: National Park MORRO MORENO

The Morro Moreno National Park is located in the sector of the peninsula of Mejillones, Antofagasta Region. It is located 65 kilometers north of the regional capital, its surface corresponds to a total of 7,313.89 hectares. In this site there remain more than 90 species of wild flora, some are unique to this place, that is, they are endemic; To date, 195 species of wildlife have been reported. Morro Moreno, is in charge of Conaf, who are responsible for its care and preservation.

field trip: yungay

 The Yungay is a located in the sector

¡Know our project!

Scientific Tourism, It is a Project of CONICYT the Regional Action Fund and is Funded by the Regional Government of Antofagasta. Its main objective is the creation and implementation of routes and scientific experiences focused on the evolution and limits of life in conditions of extreme aridity, to promote social innovation in the Antofagasta region.


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