We transform high-impact scientific knowledge at the regional level into stories and experiences with high added value that favor social innovation, the formation of collaborative networks, the development of new services and products that do not exist in the Antofagasta region today.


The landscape is understood as a visual expression of the set of interactions of the natural components of the territory. The landscape is a very important resource for tourism. An area with landscape value has natural attributes that give it a quality that makes it unique and representative. 


Given the geographical characteristics of the Antofagasta Region, unique ecosystems are presented, with numerous endemic plant species. The flora represents an important resource for ecotourism due to its great aesthetic value related to its different forms, colors and uses such as: medicinal, cosmetic, cultural, ornamental, among others.


The wildlife of the Antofagasta Region is represented by a low number of species that show an important level of endemism, that is, they are exclusive to the area. Wildlife is an attraction that gives value and benefits ecotourism. At the same time, ecotourism is an activity that helps conserve, value and protect wildlife.


The Region of Antofagasta has a unique geological heritage of global importance, which is considered a source of knowledge of the origins of the Earth. The elements that constitute the geological heritage include rocks, fossils, minerals, geological structures and even                  



Soil and water chemistry



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